On Demand Reports

On demand reports can be pulled and exported from the view asset page.

Head to the 'view asset page' by clicking on the "checkerboard" menu in the upper-right section. After that, click on the "Assets" menu, which will lead to a dropdown containing "View Asset." Click on the "View Asset" button.

  • First, an admin can start by selecting which fields you would like to see on the report. 
  • Click on 'setup' to not only select fields you'd like to see, but also their order as they appear on your view asset screen AND the exported reports. 
  • Four to six fields will be displayed as columns on the view asset screen, so simply drag the fields that you'd like to see to the top of the list. 
  • To select the fields you want to see on your report, simply check the box next to your desired fields. 
    • If you are not an admin, you can only filter the kinds of assets you see, not the fields on the report.

 Next, to filter the kinds of assets you'd like to see on the report, click on 'filter' on the left side of your screen. 

A clarification on locations/checking out within filtering:

*The site and location at the top of the list are for the assets' home location, NOT where they are checked out to. If you want to filter to see what is checked out to a particular location, scroll down to the 'checked out' status and then select the person or place you'd like. 

After you've selected your filters, press apply at the bottom of the pop up.

Finally, to export the report, select either the CSV or PDF export buttons. Please note that if you have a lot of assets to export, the PDF could take some time to load. 

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