Add Sub Users

With Grey Trunk, you can have unlimited sub-users at no charge.

Any admin of the Grey Trunk account is able to add sub-users to the system.  

To do this:

  • Click on the Sub User tile from the Dashboard or 
  • Click on the checkerboard icon -> Manage User/Employee -> View User

From here, click on "Add User"

You will then be prompted to add the Sub User:

  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Designation (or Job Title) 
  • Phone
  • Email *

The above fields with an asterisk(*) are required fields.

After you save the above fields, you will be prompted to add the permission level for the individual sub-user.  

Once you save the permissions, an email invite will be sent to the sub-user email address.  The sub-user will need to click on the verify link in the email.  After they verify their account, the sub-user will create their own password.

The sub-user will use their email and password as their credentials to log in to both the web and mobile apps.  

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