Scan History

In order to access scan history, the first step is to open the menu button in the upper-left corner of the mobile application.

After the menu has been opened, the next step is to press the "Scan History" button in order to access all of the scans that have been performed on that mobile device.

Once you have pressed the Scan History button, two types of history will be displayed, unsynced and synced. 

  • The unsynced results are results that are offline scan results. These will be uploaded to the synced category once you are online and synced up with the Grey Trunk application.

  • The synced results will display all of your past scans, or your "scan history." 
    • This includes the total number of assets scanned, the site that they were scanned in, the selected location, the date and the time that the assets were scanned at.
  • Clicking on a scan result will lead you to further details regarding all of the assets that were scanned. These include the description, site, location and category that any given asset was logged under.

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