Adding Employees to Grey Trunk

Employees in Grey Trunk have no access to the system; think of them more as places to check things out to. 

Adding employees one at a time:

To add an individual employee to the system, head to the 'manage user/employee' then 'view employees' under the menu shown below: 

Next, click 'add employee' in the upper right part of your screen. The pop up shown below will then appear. Enter your employee's information and know that the only required fields are their first name and an employee ID number. Click 'done' at the bottom of the pop up to add the employee. 

Importing Multiple Employees:

If you would like to add multiple employees at once, and you are an Admin on the account, you can utilize the import employee feature (if you are not an admin, you will not be able to utilize any importing features within Grey Trunk). Additionally, importing employees will update your entire employee list. 

*For example, if you have Employee A in the system already and then use the import feature to import Employee B and Employee C into the system, you must include Employee A in your import. If you do not, Employee B and Employee C will be added BUT Employee A will then be deactivated. 

To start importing employees go to the 'view employee' page click on 'import employee' and the pop up shown below will appear. Click 'download template' and then click on the downloaded template in the bottom left of your screen. 

Once you enable editing on your template, enter your employees' information (remember, first name and employee ID number are the only two required fields). Additionally, you cannot add additional fields to this template. Once you have entered your information, save this document to your computer.  

  • Return to your Grey Trunk page and click 'upload file'. You will then be able to add that template you have saved. 
  • Once you have selected the document, you will notice an alert reminding you that this employee import will update your employee list. 
  • Employees that are already in your system but not in the most recent file will be deactivated. If you are ready to upload this document, click 'yes' and your employee list will be updated.  

Active/Inactive Employees

  • Active employees can have assets checked out to them. 
  • If an employee has been deactivated they cannot have assets checked out to them BUT their history remains with the assets in your system. 
  • As an example, for seasonal help, you can activate or deactivate an employee by heading to the "View Employee" screen. Click on the toggle to the right of the employee you'd like to deactivate.

The pop up below will then appear. Simply click 'ok' to deactivate the employee. Remember, deactivated employees cannot have things checked out to them, but their history is kept intact. 

If you would like to reactivate an employee, click on the toggle to the right of the deactivated employee as shown below:

The pop up below will now appear. Simply click 'ok' to activate the employee. 

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