Adding Admins to an Account

The Super Admin (the person who created the account) has the ability to make more Admins (sub-users with Admin privileges). With Grey Trunk, there is no limit to how many users/Admins you can have on your account. 

To add an admin to your account, follow the directions below:

  • Click on the Sub User tile from the Dashboard or 
  • Click on the checkerboard icon -> Manage User/Employee -> View User

From here, click on "Add User"

You will then be prompted to add the Admin:

  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Designation (or Job Title) 
  • Phone
  • Email *

The above fields with an asterisk(*) are required fields.

After you save the above fields, you will be prompted to add the permission level for the individual. Select 'set as admin'. Once you press save, an email will be sent to the admin to verify their account and set their password.  

The verification email does expire, so please resend the verification email if the link says it is no longer valid. Click the link pictured below to resend the email if it's necessary.

  • For clarification, below is a list of what an admin can do that a sub-user with all permissions cannot do:
    • Manage Sub Users (add, delete, edit permissions)
    • Import Assets
    • Set View Asset Screen

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