How to Perform a Bulk Scan

A bulk scan within Grey Trunk operates almost exactly like an inventory scan, however, you are able to make a bulk change to the status of the scanned assets. 

  • Statuses that can be changed by the bulk scan are: checking in, checking out, denoting assets as missing, denoting assets as found, disposing assets, and undisposing assets.
  • To start a bulk scan you head to your mobile app, click on the menu button and then click 'start scan.'

  • You then either select the reader you will be scanning with (if using RFID) or press 'scan with camera' if you are scanning barcodes. 
  • You will then toggle over to 'bulk scan' and then select the site and location of which you are performing your scan. 
  • From there, you will click the "Start Scan" button located at the bottom to begin.

  • Scan your assets you would like to perform the bulk actions to and press 'complete scan' when you are finished. 

  • Assets will still be sorted into the four tabs (found, missing, misplaced, and new). You can make changes to the status of assets in all but the new tab. 
  • To perform an action (change the status) of assets, select which action you'd like to perform in the drop down menu.

  • Once you have selected the action, the assets below will also be filtered out if that action cannot be performed (For example, if you select that you want to check assets out, all checked out assets will then disappear. You cannot check out an asset that is already checked out). 

  • All assets scanned (and eligible for the action) are automatically selected.
  • You can unselect an asset simply by clicking on it or unselecting 'select all' in the upper right.
  • Once you have the assets selected in that tab that you want to perform the action on, select the corresponding action button in the bottom right.

For checking out, you have a few more options:

  • First, you must toggle to either employee or site/location to check out to. 
  • Additionally, you may add an employee or site/location from the app at this time! 
  • Please see below for what adding a new employee and adding a new place would look like:

  • Once you have the right place or person to check out to selected, you may then select a due date and any notes you would like to add. 
  • Press 'check out' at the bottom of the screen to complete the action. 

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