Adding and Choosing Categories

Adding and Choosing Categories

Categories are types or groups of assets.  This is a great way to organize your assets to keep similar assets grouped together, plus it makes reporting much easier.  

Commonly used categories have already been populated by default.  You can choose to use any that you would like or you can create custom categories to fit your unique needs. You can delete any category that you do not want to use. 

For more information on account setup, watch this video.

Choosing Categories to Display:

  • Click the checkbox next to the category you want to include.
  • If checkbox is not checked, the categories will not be included even though they are displayed on the category table.  
  • Be sure to click "Save".
  • If you want to remove any default categories that are not applicable to your business, simply click the trashcan icon to delete the category.  

Adding Custom Categories:

  1. Click "Add Category". 
  2. Enter the name of the Category you would like to include.
  3. If you would like to add multiple Categories at one time, simply place a comma in between the individual Category names. 
  4. Click "Done" when you have added all the Categories you would like to add. 

There is no limit to the number of categories you can have.  You can have as few or as many categories as needed, depending on how you would like to group your assets together. 

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