Asset Fields

Asset Fields

Assets fields are used to describe and distinguish your assets.  Grey Trunk comes setup with predefined asset fields and some default asset fields that are commonly used in asset tracking.  

  • The asset fields that have a grey checkbox are the predefined assets and will automatically be applied to your assets.  
  • These are the minimum fields most use to describe their assets and improve their asset tracking inventory. 
  • The only required field is the 'asset tag ID' (the number you can scan with the barcode or RFID reader).

However, please note, that the following fields are used for depreciation and will only need to be filled if you are using the depreciation feature:

  • Total Cost
  • Asset Life
  • Salvage Value
  • Depreciation Method
  • Date Acquired

When adding an asset, depreciation will default to "No" for every asset

If you want to include depreciation for your assets, you can simply toggle depreciation to "Yes" when adding or importing your assets.  

Custom Fields

Custom fields are used to help your business describe your assets in ways that might be unique to your organization.

  • They also help you to find specific information for reporting purposes when generating reports.
  • If you just require additional fields, custom fields can be very useful.

Field types:

  • Numeric - only allows numbers to be entered
  • Single Line Text - allows text and numbers to be entered
  • Dropdown - generates a dropdown list based on selections you want
  • Date - allows you to choose a date from a calendar
  • Radio Button - gives you a choice to choose one selection out of the possible choices
  • Checkbox - gives you the option to choose many selections out of the possible choices

After you choose your field, you can then input your "Field Name" - this is the field that will be used to help you describe your asset or include value information about the asset.  

NOTE: Special characters (#, -, $, etc.) are not allowed.

Other information needed for the custom field:

  • Data Required 
    • Yes - You will need to have a value for this field when adding or importing assets otherwise the asset will not be saved.  Choose "Yes" for very important information that you require for your assets.
    • No - You do not need to input a value for this custom field.
  • Is Searchable
    • Yes - This custom field can search when generating on demand reports or filtering your assets.
    • No - You will not be able to search this custom field.
  • Select Categories
    • All Categories - The custom field will be used for ALL asset categories to describe your assets.  
    • Limited Categories - You will choose the specific categories you want to display the asset field on.
      • For example, a company may want to include Apple Operating System (iOS) for their student's iPads.  This field may only be applicable to "iPads", "iPhones", and "MacBooks" but has nothing to do with the category "Furniture and Fixtures".  Therefore, you choose only the applicable categories associated with the custom asset field. 
  • For more information on setting up an account, including information on Asset Fields, click this video.

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