Setup of View Asset Screen

Setup of View Asset Screen

Setting up your view asset screen allows you to: 

  • Edit the visible columns (asset fields) visible on your view asset screen
  • Edit the asset fields visible on exported reports

First, let's walk through editing the visible columns on your view asset screen. 

  • To get started, head to your view asset screen and click the 'setup' button on the right

  • The 'setup columns' pop up will then appear. 
  • Simply drag the fields you'd like to see to the top 5 spots of the list (located at the top of the menu); five columns (fields) will appear on your view asset screen.
  • Please note that custom asset fields can also be dragged to the top of the "Setup Columns" menu, which means that you can have your custom asset fields easily visible on the "View Asset" menu.

  • To edit the asset fields visible on exported reports, select which fields you want to see within this same 'setup columns' pop up.
  • You can have as many fields as you'd like on the report, but the fields that have a shaded box will always appear on the reports (those fields are asset tag id, description, status, site and location). 
  • After you have selected the options that you would like, you can click on the "Export to CSV" and "Export to PDF" buttons to view an exported report in the format of your choice.

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