Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard provides you a clear look at some important metrics about your account.  

You can reach the dashboard at anytime by clicking on the Grey Trunk RFID logo in the upper left hand corner.  

At the top of the dashboard you will find:

  • No. of Assets = the total number of assets in the Grey Trunk RFID software for your account.
  • No. of Assets (Last 12 Months) = how many assets you added over the last year.
  • NAV (Net Asset Value) = the cost of all assets in the software.
    • NOTE:  You must fill in the "Cost" asset field to calculate this.
  • No. of Employees = Employees added to the platform.
    • NOTE:  Employees do not have access to Grey Trunk. These are people within your organization you would check an asset out to.
  • No. of Sub Users = Users you have invited to be a part of the Grey Trunk RFID software on your account.  

In Grey Trunk, your assets can have one of four statuses:

  • Available (An asset's home location, where it is usually kept.)
  • Checkout (You can check out assets to people or to places.)
  • Dispose (This status can be used to denote an asset is pending deletion or no longer in working order. Disposed assets DO count toward your asset total.)
  • Lost (You can denote assets as found when you find them.)

Hovering over the pie chart of "Asset by Status" will give you the count of the number of assets in each status.  This gives you a good overview of where your assets are and how they are being used.  

You can also have a quick overview of the assets under each category.  The toggle allows you to switch between percentage of assets against the whole or the number of assets in each specific category.  

The Alerts Calendar will provide you an overview of two items:

  • Assets Past Due
    • These are assets that are checked out and have a return date scheduled.  Assets that are expected to be returned on a specific date are denoted in blue.  Once an asset is checked in (and the asset's status becomes available), it will be removed from the calendar. You can click directly on a specific asset and be taken to its asset detail screen. 
  • Maintenance Due
    • These assets will show up in purple on the calendar.  This will give you an overview of when you have maintenance scheduled for specific assets.  Once the maintenance status for an asset is changed to "Completed", the asset will be removed from the calendar. Just like with assets that are due and on the calendar, you can click directly on a specific asset and be taken to its asset detail screen. 

You can also see Assets Past Due and Maintenance Due reports by clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.  

Located at the bottom of the Dashboard is Recent Activity.  If an asset changes its status, it will be denoted here.  You will be able to see:

  • The date on which the change of status occurred.
  • The time it happened.
  • The user or subuser that was responsible.
  • The specific asset of the status change.

You can easily view the asset by clicking on the Tag ID - this links to Asset Detail page of the specific asset. 

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