Adding Assets from Web

Adding Assets from Web Application

Before you begin adding assets, it is important to complete your account setup.  You can find the instructions on Getting Started here. The account setup gives you the framework for your entire account. 

To add assets from the web application:

  • Click on the checkerboard icon in the upper right of the dashboard
  • Click on Assets
  • Click on Add Assets

You can also add assets from the View Asset screen simply by clicking "Add Asset".  

When adding assets, the Asset ID field is required. The asset ID will be the number associated with the Barcode/RFID tag.  Think of the Asset ID as your "License Plate" for your asset.  That unique number will have all the information associated with that specific asset when scanned or searched for.

Your asset fields will change depending on the category selected if you set up your categories with specific fields that only pertain to the category you choose. You can choose the fields you want for each category in the Assets Fields section of your Account Setup.

NOTE:  If you want to import or bulk add assets, you will first need to add ONE asset into Grey Trunk RFID before the Importing feature becomes available. 


When choosing a location for your asset, you will want to select the Site and Location that will be considered the asset's home.  For example, if an asset is supposed to be in a specific Building and Room every time when you do an inventory or where you expect to find the asset, this will be your home location.  

If a Site and/or Location you need is not present in the drop-down selection, you can click the "+New" button to add the site and/or location.  

Asset Image

The asset image will be the picture of your asset so you can easily identify it.  

To do this, you will need to have a file saved to your computer.  Click "Upload Image" and choose the file that you wish to upload.  

NOTE:  By using our mobile app, you will be able to utilize the mobile device's camera to take a picture of the asset and save it.  This is a very efficient way to add images to your assets.  


Depreciation will default to "No."

You can choose to track depreciation for individual assets by choosing "Yes".

To track depreciation, select the Depreciation Method of your choice and then input the following fields:

  • Total Cost
  • Asset Life
  • Salvage Value
  • Date Acquired

IMPORTANT - Make sure to click "Save" to add your asset.  Don't worry....we will remind you if you don't, but it is important to save your work.

Once you click "Save", you will see verification saying that your asset has successfully been added.  After you have successfully added it, you will be redirected to the view asset screen.

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