Bulk Edit

In order to bulk edit your assets, the first step is to view your assets.

  • First, click on the checkerboard menu.

  • After that, click on "Assets" and then "View Asset."

  • Next, you'll want to click on the "Bulk Edit" button.

  • A menu will appear in which you can select the category that you wish to bulk edit.

  • Once you've selected your category, click on the Download Asset List of Selected Category.
    • This will download an Excel file with the chosen asset on it.
  • Once the Excel file has been opened, you can copy and paste to edit specific columns in mass.
  • Note: You cannot delete assets using the bulk edit feature.
  • After you're done bulk editing, save the Excel file as an Excel 97-2003 workbook, or the .xls file type. Please note that no other file type will currently work with the Grey Trunk system.
  • Click on the purple "Import" button at the bottom of the Bulk Edit menu to finish bulk editing your assets.

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